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Host Your Own Internet Radio Show!

Award winning “turn key” internet radio show production.

We produce your “live” shows at your office, on location or between offices via the internet.

Complete production with engineer, theme music, narrator and commercials.

All shows are web cast “live” on internet hosted sites & simultaneously on your web site. Take phone calls from listeners and interview guests in person or by phone.

We arrange free internet “hosting” services for your shows reaching potentially millions of regional, national and international listeners.

Many different “hosting” web site choices & all shows are web cast and archived for free.

Make your internet radio show profitable by recruiting advertisers. Production costs are a fraction of the price asked by broadcast radio stations for “brokered” air time.


  1. Listeners associate radio personalities with "expertise". They'll respect your opinion.

  2. Listeners learn not only what you do...but also who you are.

  3. Break through advertising "clutter" ... go “in depth” with your message…build your reputation and your business.

  4. Web cast “live” and pre-recorded internet radio shows on your web site and/or use as your shows as “audio” email newsletters.

  5. Use your internet radio shows as employee training and sales tools. Hand out CD’s of your shows...your customers will be impressed. Communicate with your business associates nation & world wide.

  6. Use your shows as "on hold" messaging for your telephone system.

  7. Radio is still an “all pervasive” communications medium. People listen to internet and broadcast radio more than any other medium.

Host Your Own Internet Radio Show
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