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We Have The Right Media For Your Company

Radio & Television Air Time Buying Services:

Turning your radio & television advertising budget over to Colorado Business Media helps you in several ways. You rarely have to pay for this service. Why? Radio and television stations pay advertising agencies like Colorado Business Media a commission just like they pay their “in house” sales people. All of the research and mechanics of time buying is often free when you work with Colorado Business Media. Objectivity and experience means an educated approach to broadcast media time buying, with no hidden agendas found with radio and television account executives (who represent their stations...not necessarily your best interests). By purchasing broadcast “air” time consistently with many radio and television stations, Colorado Business Media is often able to command deals for our clients they probably couldn’t negotiate for themselves.

Award Winning Commercials:

Colorado Business Media creates award winning radio and television commercials with the impact and professionalism your company deserves. From “concept to completion” you can trust Colorado Business Media to present your business in a creative and powerful way. A well designed commercial from Colorado Business Media will be memorable, visually stimulating (television or high definition digital video), have easily assimilated contact information and often a “call to action”. It will be designed and produced for multiple media applications, will look great and be relevant for years to come.

Television & Video Production:

Colorado Business Media creates high definition television commercials, infomercials, trade show and web site videos or almost anything in video production. We don’t own video equipment and have very few employees. That means low “overhead” costs. We pass the savings along to you. Our talented group of videographers, editors, actors and production associates are award winning professionals with years of experience.

Radio & Audio Production:

“On hold” audio productions for your telephone system, internet and broadcast radio shows, audio infomercials and commercials, custom and semi-custom musical “jingles”, are specifically designed for your business. Your radio commercial (or audio production) will be unique, memorable, professional and powerful.

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